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Customers upset after EE broadband outage


EE broadband customers have been complaining after an extended outage prevented them from accessing the internet.

On Twitter the company’s account apologised for “the inconvenience it is causing” but customer complaints about the lack of service are continuing to arrive.
Initial complaints regarding the problem surfaced just after midnight on Monday.
Twitter user James Streater complained: “Internet is currently down… Where you ask? EVERYWHERE!!!”
Yvonne Rigby complained that her internet service was down for more than 11 hours.
Customers additionally complained about the lack of responses from the company.
One Twitter user told the company: “The least you could do is send a text message or email regarding your outage rather than cutting off your customers at the helpline.”

EE only acknowledged the incident as “an issue affecting some broadband customers this morning” and did not respond to Sky News’ enquiries regarding its cause.
Staff running the account have been busy replying to customer messages and complaints, recommending most of those affected should try turning their router off and on again.
Neil Burrell responded to EE’s message to say: “Thanks but an outage on average every month is rapidly becoming unacceptable.”
EE did not respond to Sky News’ requests for an explanation of the outage’s cause.
A spokesperson said: “Around 10am today, we resolved an issue which affected some of our broadband customers. Our customers are now able to get online as normal, and we’re sorry for any inconvenience this caused.”

Source: SKY