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One Of Manchester’s Pubs Thriving For 20 Years


One man who knows his way around the pub, for all the right reasons, is top Manchester landlord Simon Delaney. The former DJ is celebrating clocking up 20 years at the helm of The Firbank in Wythenshawe, owned by Admiral Tavern.

Delaney, who first took the keys in 1995, has managed to successfully position the pub as both a city centre-style venue and community-based local. However Simon Delaney doesn’t just focus on one age group when he runs his pub he runs special events such as pensioner lunches, live music gigs and poker evenings.

By understanding the importance of being on top of modern technology. He has recently adopted an app, which allows customers to order drinks directly from their smart phones.

Simon Delaney said: “People don’t want the stuffy traditional pubs any more and it has gone from beers and ales being associated with men in their 60s to a much wider age range now. One thing is for sure – pubs need to reinvent themselves to appeal to a new generation of customers.”